Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Peace & Grease Tour 2012

"I was crossing the Kansas / Missouri border this evening when I passed a guy standing next to his chop on the side of the road. As i passed i noticed it was an sohc 750. I pulled a u-turn to go back and see if he was ok or needed anything. He was just stopped to take a break and to helmet up for Missouri. We talked awhile and turns out he had taken some time off to ride, was from Nashville, had been out west and was headed back. Pretty cool ol' chop, made his own frame and tank. No rear down tube a little extra stretch in the back. Unusual but cool bike. Kinda funny, he had his own sticker made up for the ride...it's in his hand in the pic and says: "I am Don Wood 2012 tour peace and grease." - Richard.

I think it may be the dude that was on "Moonshiners" 
I don't watch TV but that's what a buddy told me.


  1. Yep, it is Don Wood: http://iamdonwood.com/bedrolls.html

  2. Every man's dream is his own, cool shit. So is the shot below with King Freak Finch, wow !!!