Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Stoked!

On a whim yestderday I contacted Eric Dressen, he got back to me today, and I'm gonna get tattooed by him while out in the L.A. area this summer. I grew up watching this dude in all the old Santa Cruz skateboard videos. He was rollin' with the Venice Beach and Dogtown crew back in the 80's-90's and rode Santa Cruz's Speed Wheels. Hell, he probably is still rollin' with those dudes!
He is a style king extraordanaire, both in his skating and in his tattooing. Man, this is too cool.

Old Dogtown Ad
In action.
On the cover of the best skate mag ever.
Flash Sheet.
Frontside 5-0 in the bowl.
Skateboard Heart.


  1. Unreal man, I can still remember seeing him in Skateboarder around '77, the original baby faced assasin, total grommet, like the Dogtown action mascot. With first hand influence from crew like T.A, Jay Boy, Kubo, Wentzl et al, no wonder he grew up to be a shit hot skater !! Cool to see his ink work is just as rad, groovy post, cheers.

  2. Man, I am so jealous. Check out this video:
    Masters Of Style: Gonzo Bowl

  3. Yep, thanks guys. Thought it was pretty F'n cool myself. That video is killer too. He rules that pool!