Friday, May 11, 2012

Michigan Bound.

Me and Weird are heading to MI at 2 a.m. I'm going to bed about 7-8 pm tonight while he goes to see Coheed & Cambria. When he returns home, we'll have everything loaded and ready to roll and hit it.

We are going up to see Clutch in Flint on Sunday, but have a group of friends up there we'll be staying and partying with: Roadkill & Jennifer, Stuntman, Butch, Minno, Al, Wino, Randy...shit I know I'm leaving someone out, but you get the idea.

Saturday afternoon we are riding up to Pontiac to visit living legend, Ron Finch. Then on up to Flint to attend our buddy Al's shop party. Bands, beer, and babes...bring your "gummies" boys!

Come sunday we'll be rolling thru the ghettos of Detroit rock city and taking a few laps on the Thunderdrome. Then back up to Flint for the sold out Clutch concert that night.

Dammit man, gonna be a helluva weekend!

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