Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tumpy rides KING KONG

Tumpy's New Bike

This bike Tumpy just picked up is the 3rd CB750 that Rick "Kong" Wilkey built, this one sometime around 2004. I was living with my buddy Aaron after I split from my ex-wife, and one day in 2005 Kong (Rick) rolls into the driveway on this little red bobber style CB750 that he'd built. After some bullshitting and what not, and maybe a little urging from me, my long time friend Aaron decided he wanted to buy this little red gem. This was Aaron's first bike, no front brake, rigid (struts) and forward controls. He rode it for awhile, but then bought another bike, and the little red King Kong sat in his garage unridden since about 2007. He had made some comments to me about some electrical issues and what not, so this last winter, around November 09, I took the truck into town and picked up the little red bobber and brought it out to the So'full Garage. I rewired it and had it running the same week I brought 'er in. So there she sat at my house for the winter where I replaced the reg & rec with a combo unit, added a hi/low switch for the head light, oil change, etc. Aaron had since decided he was gonna sell her, so now here we are a few weeks later. Once I realized Tumpy was looking for a Kong built bobber, this all just sorta clicked. Aaron was thinking of selling, Tumpy was looking, and the rest is history. I am super stoked that we are keeping it "in the family" and its not going to some kook from Craigslist or Ebay. Told ya it'd fit in the mini van to get her the 6+ hours back to Missouri.
Ride 'er with pride Tump!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Von Sparky's CB750 Chop

Sunday's Ride 5-2-10

Cody, Duane and Brumie showed up at the Compound around noon. I was a little late to rise due to a late Saturday night but was mostly ready when they arrived. We headed south an hour to meet up with another buddy and his wife, Mike and Cathy and then continued down Rt. 48 to Taylorville where we ate at the Round Table Diner. After some grub and converstation we parted ways with Mike & Cathy and headed back north via Rt. 51, arriving back at the compound around 6 pm. Great weather, great ride...just over 200 miles.