Monday, September 19, 2011

Buddy Down

I receieved word yesterday morning that my buddy Justin McMullen had wrecked his motorcycle sometime Saturday night in Peoria, IL. It's pretty heavy. He's in a coma with a 105 degree temperature, and while mostly breathing on his own, is hooked to a respirator. He had brain swelling and fluid on the brain and surgery was done to remove part of his skull to relieive the pressure. Right now, the Doctor's say it is a waiting game.

Justin, we're all pulling for you dude. We've got too many miles left to ride and too many beers left to drink. We'll be here for ya when ya wake up my man. Please keep Justin, his four kids, and his family in your thoughts....send some good juju his way!

Justin, Dirka, Land

His XS650

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