Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bobber Update Fall '11

Having been gone so much this summer the bobber got a bit neglected. But since my flat tire a few weeks ago, I've gotten rejuvenated on 'er. Got the carbs cleaned up nice. The drag pipes, man those things were fuggin haggard, gave em a new life by hacking off the worn down, road rashed, slash cut tips. Cleaned up the "old" wheel my Uncle Ed gave me a few years back. Damn, that thing is chrome and like new! Swapped the tire from the Invader that was intended for the 70's hardtail chop...but I be broke and needed new rubber on that bright, shiny rear wheel. Last night I masked and sprayed the repaired rear section. Now its gettin down to the nuts and bolts of putting 'er back to the rideable stage. Here's some shizzy cellephone pics:

Carbs got a nice lemon juice/water boil bath...with a touch of carb cleaner afterwards to taste.

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