Monday, May 16, 2011

Scrap's '78 CB750 Chop

Only a little over a month until the North Carolina meet for the forum, known as the World Honda Chopper Meet. I went down do Chuck-town yesterday to nurse my hangover and spend the afternoon with Scrap and Car and the "Scraphous Special"
Tires & tubes = check
Runing wires = check
Carbs & V stacks = check
After I headed out, Car threw the existing stacks from Steel Dragon Performance, that were too long, on the lathe and made those sum bitches fit.
So, now to tighten up/finalize the wiring and a few other odds and ends (such as fork stops, haha) and then it'll be time to make the ole gal chug-a-lug some overpriced hi-test!!!!

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