Friday, May 27, 2011

New Tat Zappery

Our good buddy Duane "the Gent" Ackley paid us a visit from Toledo, OH this week and I was able to coordinate a time with him to get some work done that we'd been trying to get to for some time. I got home about noon on Sunday after riding up north for an overnight shindig at my buddy Adam's house. Just before getting in the shower, standing in the laundry room in my underpants with a straight line to the open screen door, I about had the shit scared outta me when Duane appeared in the doorway! He had just ridden the 6 or so hours to my house from his. Glad I didn't go commando from the laundry room to the bathroom as I commonly do!We had a chance to catch up and do some grillin' and made plans around his other tattoo appointments to fit me in. So wednesday 5/25 I met him at Altered Egos (Champaign, IL) to get my portrait of the rulin' Gene Vincent. I'm very stoked with how it turned out and look forward to more work from Duane in the future.

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