Monday, May 16, 2011

the freakin weekend

Lots of rain this past weekend. Spent friday night assembling goodies for a spring kick off cookout saturday night...which also doubled as Kari's birthday party. I rubbed about thirty chicken legs with a dry rub friday night. Half were with a Nah'leans spicy mix of seasonings and the other half were a mix of a more mild Polish poultry rub and then some with the old standby, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. These were put on the smoker with a pork tenderloin for about 4 hours prior to the party people showing up. We also made up some chicken ka-bobs with onions, peppers, shrooms, clementines and tomatoes. Made a few pans of sliced potatos smothered with garlic salt and butter as well. In addition, our guests brought misc things too. Like Melanie's best homemade cookies ever to grace the earth. Unfortunately no known pics of the feast exist. As mentioned it rained all fuckin' weekend so our "bonfire" was reduced to sippin' suds & passing around the 'shine jar around indoors, splitting the party between the garage and the kitchen. All in all the party went off though and everyone had fun. Now we've gotta have another to burn up all the wood and pallets I aquired last week!

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  1. It sucks so bad that I missed this. I am there next time no matter what damn it!