Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Talking Thinking Blues...

So what are your thoughts on programs that channels like "The Learning Channel" and "The Discovery Channel" broadcast that perpetuate the possibility of Mermaids or an actual Zombie apocalypse? I'm curious (and a bit scared) how dumb, complacent and without any sense of real culture our America will be a decade from now. Everyone blames "politics" for our circling of the drain (and rightfully so), but take note of what we are consuming as well. Television that doesn't really educate and/or entertain, but makes us a desensitized, mean-spirited, shallow and selfish society. Some of our parents and grandparents were concerned when Elvis shook his hips on the Ed Sullivan show, I wonder what they're thinking now?

Many kids in our country have some sort of electronic device in their hands at a very early age. Whether it be a game controller, cell phone, or an i-something-or-other....this will have an effect on our future society. Technology can be a good thing, but I'm concerned that in our given state it very well could lend to our demise. I realize I'm the crotchety fugger watching it all happen and making my inane comments...and maybe my perception is wrong...we can hope.

Travelling through twenty six states this summer I know first hand that there is still a sense of community in our country. I also know there is a ingrained trait of doing right by your fellow man. However I've also seen the other side, the side I mention above, and it is real. I can only hope that there are enough of us that instill values in our children, and each other, that will counteract what the popular "culture" force feeds us everyday of our lives.

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  1. You're not the only crotchety old fugger man, it's a global malaise too. Technology is a wonderful thing as long as we're controlling it and not vice versa, especially with kids. A lot more parents need to take the hard line and not worry about being friends with their progeny but being prepared to be hated for being parents and saying 'no' or 'enough' . . . sorry, your gig buddy, I'll shut up. All the best for the year to come.