Monday, January 28, 2013

73 Degrees in STL today!!!

We took a little walk down Broadway this afternoon. It was a beautiful 73 degree day in the city. Plenty of folks were out on their porches while kids played football in front yards as traffic whizzed by along the main throughway. After a number of blocks we happened upon Bellerive Park, a little spot with a picnic area and playground that overlooks the Mississippi. At the far end of the lot were some old crusty brick steps. We followed them down, back onto Broadway, and encountered Sister Marie Charles Park. 

This was another little public park along the Mighty Mississippi where you can get a good view of the river, the barges, the arch and downtown STL...from a distance.
We walked along the concrete path that was sandwiched between the river and the railroad tracks. I snapped this photo moments before the train went by and I exchanged waves with the 3 railway workers standing out front on the engine. 
After returning home and getting rid of that maxi pad from the driveway (mentioned in an earlier post today), I decided to google Sister Marie Charles Park. I'm a curious person and like to research "things" that I come across. 

The park, named for Sister Marie Charles, in the historic part of the Carondelet neighborhood, is one of the few places you can get a good view of the river that made St. Louis possible. There are also a number of Civil War era buildings in this area.

Apparently it is also listed as The Best City Park for Public Sex according to the Riverfront Times. The follwing is an excerpt from them regarding the park: "The park looks to be awfully popular, but all those men there didn't show up to watch the barges float by and ponder the meaning of life. The area between the railroad tracks and the river is where the serious business goes on, but sometimes bobbing heads can be seen in the front seats of the cars and trucks in the parking lot."

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