Monday, September 20, 2010

the Gent's Sissy Bar

Duane wanted a sissy bar on his scoot so that he could strap his goodies to it while he's travelling. He runs home to Toledo, OH to bust out some tat-zappery now and again and doesn't have a lot of room on his ride to pack gear onto. I've had this homemade unfinished bar laying around for a few years so I figured we'd better put it to use.

I hacked it to length and cut out some gussets with the appropriate angles, then welded it directly onto his fender struts that we shortened a few months back. He wanted to hack off the big goofy maltese cross but we talked him into leaving it on for the trip (hehe). Turns out it came in handy to strap the bungies to and  may remain.

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