Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1975 CB750 Hardtail Project

     Taking lots of cues from long chops of the 1970's, this sucker is gonna be my interpretation of one of those way out machines of that era. I began by rebuilding the springer with new bushings and rods that my friend Jerry (Dirtball) Sexton machined for me. He also made me the wheel spacers and axle so that I could run my skinny Invader mag up front. The springs and rockers got the powdercoat treatment using Eastwood's one stage chrome, which really turns out to be more of a "silver" but still has a nice clean look to it...just no where near the shine and shimmer of actual chrome. I shot the springer itself with DupliColor Metal Cast Smoke Anodized but will probably have it powdered once all is said and done for durability's sake. The bearings on the front end are All Balls more pesky little ball bearings to contend with.
     The rear Invader was rattle canned black when I got it from an online deal. My curiousity was peaked so I spent many a night scraping it off with a razor blade to reveal a somewhat run-able chrome underneath. There were a few pitted rust areas however, so once the paint was removed, I soaked it in Phosphoric Prep & Etch from Home Depot. This removed the rust. Not sure yet if I'm gonna leave em as is, or have em powdered or rechromed.
     I gave the front end and rear wheel to my buddy Mark "Sawsall" Riehle so it could be hardtailed and stretched so that everything would look just right. In the bottom pic you can see the 4' sissy bar I plan to run along with a seat to match (which is somewhat visible in the background of the top pic). The rabbit ear bars were a $20 Ebay score and after trying numerous sets of bars from around the shop, these are the ones that hit it for me.
     I've had the sharp angled coffin tank for years just waiting for the right bike to fit it on, and well, as you can see, this is the one!
     The build took sort of a backburner postion as of late due to riding season, working on my running bikes and my friends bikes. I'm hoping to get back into 'er this fall/winter along with a cafe-ish style build I've got in the works and my buddy Duane's CB project. In the coming months I hope to have some updated progess pics they say, no rest for the wicked!

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