Monday, August 23, 2010


Ernie, from the Screamin YeeHaws, let me bug him for a minute about his rock'n band. Here's what I found out...

Q. How long have you guys been a band?
A. Basically 6 years

Q. You’ve all been in other bands in the past, so what’s your story? How did the Yeehaws come together as a band?
A. Silent (Henry) had a band "Pawnshop Cowboys" and wanted Nick Bone to play drums in it. Nick said "Hell, I'm gonna be a front-man now, you can be my guitarist!". Then it was the search for the rhythm section. I was in a few bands in Mexico and then Martin and I played 'n toured with the Whiskey Dicks from San Diego. I then moved to Hollywood 'n played with famous people in the rock 'n porn industry, but the Hollywood scene is a disgrace to rock'n roll, so I moved back to play with the YeeHaws in San Diego, whom I was friends with and been a fan for years.

Q. Listening to your songs, it's obvious there are a lot of punk rock, country, and rock'n roll influences throughout your sound. What are some of those influences?
A. Dead Kennedys, most 80s punk bands 'n real outlaw country.

Q. You guys are leaving out on tour in the next few weeks, where ya headin?
A. We're starting off here in San Diego 'n headin through all of Arizona, New Mexico, up 'n down 'n side to side of Texas and New Orleans. Then repeating that process in reverse.

Q. Being from San Diego you’re in prime territory for SoCal skateboarding and motorcycle scene. Are any of you guys involved in either?
A. Definitely with the motorcycle scene, Silent Henry has 4 (2 are in the process of being built). Plus we are sponsored by 2 local builders, Dublin Mob Choppers, and Industry Cycles. As well as skateboards and surfboards bein toted by us from time to time.

Q. You guys have 3 Cd’s out and your debut show was playing with skaterock legends Agent Orange, not to mention you’ve played with a slew of other rad bands since forming. What are your top 2 craziest show memories?
A. The Screamin yeehaws have racked up plenty rounds at the bar..theres crazy stories from the stuff that happens on the road..but as far as craziest memory from a show...probably forgotten (unfortunately)...or not.

Q. Any thing you’d like to add?
A. How proud we are of the new album, and to tell yer friends we like to drink in your town!!!

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  1. Another great interview Barry! I had never heard of the Screamin Yeehaw's but listening to them now. Keep it up bro!