Friday, August 27, 2010

Hillclimbin' Teacher

I've known Jason Northrup since Jr. High. He has raced in hillclimbs since before then even. A fond memory is of him coasting his bike down the stairs of the Jr. High hallway when he was allowed to bring the bike indoors during a demonstrative speech for our English class.

A few weeks ago he got in touch with me saying that he'd be coming thru the cornfields en route from Vegas, where he currently lives and works as a teacher at a behavioral school. He was headed to Ohio for a race. We had a good visit, got to check out his, and his brothers, latest race bikes along with a slew of other bikes his pops has holed up in a shop here in my neck of the weeds.

Above are a few pics ...too bad I don't have any of him in action!

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