Sunday, February 17, 2013

We're gonna need a bigger "chick stick".

Got the first bend done right.
Let's clamp that sucker to the bench.
A little heat.
A little more Heat, and more Hands.
Some downward force.
Bend that bitch-bar into submission.
(Note the Honda Chopper calendar in the background beyond TR's neck! You too can have one, $15 shipped via Paypal to:
A little fine tunin' the bends.
Yep, it's bigger than the old one.


After riding all over the country this past summer Jen decided she wanted a bigger sissy bar to strap all her shit to. Today Scrap and TR obliged and lent their time and TR's shop to help her accomplish that task.
This will slip into the ends of her frame rails/fender struts on her Konged frame and then bolt on thru the bottom.
 Now just to clean up and paint!

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