Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Sprockets!

In preparation for my coast to coast adventure this summer, I've began freshening up and going over the bike. Figuring since I'm getting a new chain, I thought I'd change up the sprockets as well. A dude on the hondachopper forum had a 45t rear for sale at a deal, so I grabbed that and ordered a 17t front from Lowrider Tommy. A slight difference from the stock sizes, but keeps the ratio similar. So, tonight after a few phone calls catching up with some old friends, I cracked a High Life and swapped 'em out. So that's one thing on my list of about 20 done....

 Old and Crusty.

Shiny & New


Figured the wheel needed a lil shine...even though it'll be covered oil.

New Rear 45t


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