Monday, November 14, 2011

Planet Weiner - Charleston, IL

Headed down south to CAR's garage yesterday for some Flatlander time and to rummage and sort thru a driveway and shop's worth of goodies he picked up around the state over the past few weeks. Some was junk, some was treasure, and some's getting sold.

After clean up we ate lunch at what has become the unofficial lunch spot of the Flatlanders, PLANET WIENER...lately outranking nearby McHugh's Burger joint!!!
Planet W. has all kinds of old signage and LP/45's littering the walls, offering a cool little diner feel and its near the campus so there's always a chance for lots of eye candy.

This place has any kind of hot dog you could crave, and offers a "build your own" menu...which none of has ventured to try yet...though Cody's contemplating it next time. And their fries are fuggin awesome...add vinegar!

I marked our territory while we waited for our grub...right between the Bates Motel and Marilyn....seemed fitting.

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