Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HUNNERT CAR PILE UP - 10th and FINAL year - Sat Oct 8, 2011

This weekend is the Hunnert Car Pile Up in Decatur, IL. It marks the 10th and final year for this highly anticipated hot rod show. A one day event with all kinds of rad cars, bikes, vans, art, etc. Members of,, the HAMB board, ChopCult, etc. tend to make a weekend of it, staying in the area and attending the pre party in Clinton, IL on Friday and then a few of the post parties in the area, saturday night. Guaranteed to be a great time and kind of a final fling before winter decends upon us here in the midwest, when we spend all our time wrenching and building instead of riding. One more day of work and my weekend begins!!!! Are ya ready Flatlanders???

Here are some pics from last year:

Already missin' ya Justin....
RIP my friend

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