Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday July 10, 2011

Sunday we gathered at the Robertson shop for some family time. Scrap had been there since Saturday working on repairing the cracked neck on his goosenecked chop. By the time Cody and I arrived Sunday afternoon, he and Chris had that taken care of. The crack had been repaired when we were down in NC last month, by our friend TJ. But Scrap and Chris welded in some thicker plate in the neck area as a gusset, as was recommended by Red Good from Cycle One Mfg.

I pulled my front wheel off to check the balance and it was dead on. So we determined the bouncing issue I was noticing when I had the bike leaned over was in the rear tire. It appears to be worn a little funky so when ya get over on that side wall, you feel it. Looks like I'll be ordering a new tire soon.

Once Bill arrived we all saddled up and rode down to a car/bike show at the local parts store. Chris had entered his trike so we went down to collect the trophy and then hopped across the road to the mexican restaurant for some lunch.

We finished off the afternoon riding down to an old railway bridge that was covered with bad graffiti. We snapped a few pics, shot the bull and then headed back to the shop. A lot of times you have the most fun when you don't even have a plan!

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