Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Always waiting...

Well we should have the sticker orders back soon, within the next few weeks for sure. The classic logo sticker and a new design also. Shirts are at the printers also, not sure of when they'll be in though...I'll post when I find out.

I'm waiting on this rain to stop and the weather to get nice too!
One thing I'm not waiting on is parts...for a change, haha.

Been holed up in the garage lately though, so thats good for the soul!
Waiting for sunday when I plan to do some fandanglin' and attempt to unbend the frame on my CB750 bobber.
The rear rails have bent upward/forward at the seat area...after a decade though, so she had a pretty good run all in all. Gonna gusset that sucker this time!
Worse case, I have to hack the rear section entirely off and graft the new one on that I picked up from my buddy Dock (Mt. Airy Cyclery, NC).
So I figured its worth a try to heat and bend it back...if its cracked or kinked, well then, on to plan B.
Right now though, I'm just waiting for 4 o'clock.

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