Friday, January 28, 2011

Well its almost February.

Damn this winter has been most unproductive so far. You can probably tell that by my postings of a bunch of old chop mag reprints here at So'full. I haven't been in the garage lately and I'm startin to feel it. I do have a bunch of cool parts I've gathered and have been lending a hand to a few members of the So'full crew here and there on their projects. But in the coming months I need to start attacking my "to do" lists for the bikes....focusing on the two runners and then dealing with the projects as I have time and/or feel like. The runners are priority, gotta keep reminding myself of that! But with a cafe project, a stock 'matic, and a hardtail in peices, its difficult to focus!!!

Before we know it things'll be turning green again and we will be able to satisfy our jones by straddling our scooters and rolling in whatever direction the front tire is pointing. There are a handful of runs already planned coming up and I am so ready to feel the heat reflected off the hot pavement as we slice thru the hot, humid Illinois air. The first run coming up is in April, the 9th. Its called the "Moonshine Run" and leaves out of Casey, IL to the town of Moonshine, IL population 2. There is a store that has been converted into a grill where the ride stops to wait for hours to enjoy one of their tasty burgers.

In June there are a few trips already planned as well. One is local, to the Belltown Bash here in Central IL. Its a Car/Bike Show with bands and booze that my friends family began hosting on their farm a few year back in 2007. Each year it has grown and is one of the highlights of summer here in the corn and bean fields, with attendees from all over the East Central IL. Then later in the month its down to North Carolina to the Riders Roost Motorcycle Resort for the World Honda Chopper Meet. Members of the forum have been meeting up at that location since 2003. It is quite something to have 50 or so CB750-4 banger chops in one spot. It is conjunction with the Horse Back Street Choppers' Smoke Out East and many times there has been a run to the magazines event on Saturday.

Knowing these events are quickly approaching has helped me maintain some of my sanity so far during this long, cold winter. Now I just need to spend some QT in the So'full Garage to ensure that I'm ready and waiting when the snow melts and the trees begin to replenish their leaves!

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