Monday, November 22, 2010

Shitty Weather & Holiday

Man, things have slowed down a bit as of late here in Central IL. With holidays around the corner, cold grey skies and darkness by 5 pm, it really has drained the motivational sap from our collective pool. I've been tearing a bunch unnecessary junk off of the Matic I picked up a few months back. The carbs, air box and entire wiring harness have been removed along with the stock hand controls. Gonna slap an old set of round top CB750 carbs on 'er with a breadbox and wire using the simplest wiring diagram I've got. I just received the gas tank today via USPS, so that has rejuvenated my interest. Need to drain the oil and add fresh, wire 'er up and see if I can get fire. The Gent's Cb750 'kong' build has been on hold for a few weeks due to cash, parts and now the fact that he's in OH for Thanksgiving. But I've gotta list of shit I need to do to my two runners, then there's my cafe project and my 70's influenced hardtail. Now if I can just find the time to spend in the shop, it'll help me shake these winter blues!

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