Friday, July 9, 2010

One Crazy Summer!

As usual we are bogged down here at the So'full Garage with our common summertime activities. That is the excuse this time for our lag in posting. We've done alot of meanding thru the corn and beanfields of central IL in search of food, parties, and good times. We trekked out to NC at the end of June, to spend a week at the Riders Roost Motorcycle Resort outside of Ferguson to spend time with our fellow CB750 afficianados from

Next weekend is our 400 mile putt over to Fairmount, IN to visit James Dean's gravesite and museum and then onto Wabash, IN to visit our friends at TAS Classic Motorsports (

Needless to say if we're not working on our scoots, we're ridin' em! Keep the shiny side up and we'll see ya on the highway.

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