Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Adam Roarke (1937-1996): One of my favorite movie Outlaw Bikers from the 60's biker flicks. Roarke starred in a series of these movies from the genre such as Helles Belles, the Savage Seven, Hells Angels on Wheels & Nam's Angels (also known as The Losers), . He also appeared in many TV programs from my childhood, such as the Six Million Dollar Man & Chips, as well as some 'before my time' TV shows like the Mod Squad and Star Trek. Adam also acted in many other genres of movies like 1972's horrible horror flick "Frogs", 1974's car chase picture "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" w/Peter Fonda, and a starring role in 1980's "The Stunt Man". I like him best in the B grade biker flicks however, where his roles are usually leader of the "outlaw" biker gang, which he portrays so well. My favorites w/Roarke are Helles Belles and Hells Angels on Wheels -w/Jack Nicholson & Sonny Barger.
Above: center
Below: on left

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