Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Day of Winter

Well tomorrow is officially the first day of spring...and its supposed to be in the 50's here amongst the cornfields of IL...and 30's on sunday with a chance of snow! I've got the fever! I am soooo ready for spring its sickening. I've got 7 bikes in the garage and am itchin to get a few of em out on the highway. After rewiring my buddy's CB750 chop, all I have left are a few routine maintenance tasks like an oil change and such. I'm also tracing down an electrical issue I'm having with one of my CB750's....I wanna get back to work on the '75 CB Hardtail project. I'm currently making a side mount taillight for a Model A light, for a member of and then have some powdercoating that needs done. Needless to say that I'm busy, but thats when I am most happy. That being said, light the grill and grab a case of coldies, SPRING IS HERE!

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